You might be short on space but you can still create an amazingly IMG_0561luxurious bathroom with a spacious feel. Using a few design tricks.

1.    Mirror, mirror, on the wall.

Use mirrors and glass to reflect light and create the illusion of more space. Think about including full-length mirrors, a mirrored wall or mirrored vanities to create impact and lift the bathroom.  A frameless shower screen also makes a small shower feel open and airy.

2.    De-clutter

Invest in a great vanity that has functional storage options. By minimising visual clutter you create a more serene space that feels bigger.  There is a trend towards pedestal basins, which are more compact or mini vanities that are less bulky but still store the basics.

3.    More Floor

Modern bathrooms are moving towards in-wall cisterns, wall mounted basins and accessories and floating cabinetry as they allow you to see more of the floor creating the illusion of spaciousness. Smaller baths or freestanding baths are also popular because they don’t dominate the other elements of the bathroom.

4.    Spaced Out

In any bathroom you have to allow ample room between fixtures and fittings as well as clearance for doors and drawers. This is especially important to make small bathrooms functional. Sliding bathroom doors for bathrooms and showers are a good option, as they require less clearance.

5.    Colouring In

Create a neutral background using light hues to make your bathroom feel spacious. Dark colours can be overwhelming in small spaces but you can always use towels or a feature tile if you want a splash of colour. Just remember to keep the majority of the walls and floor neutral to open up the room. Lengthen your bathroom by laying long rectangular tiles on the walls in a brick pattern and use large light floor tiles to elongate the space.

6.     Glow forth

Great lighting can create ambience and make a stunning statement.  Use a feature light like a pendant light to draw the eye up and around the room, just consider your ceiling height. Or illuminate your bathroom with backlight shelves and vanities. Don’t forget about natural light either. Large windows and skylights allow natural light to flow into the room.

 7.     Indulgences

Small bathrooms can still be big on luxury. Think about using designer tiles or tapware, customised finishes and indulgent accessories like a heated towel rail or built in sound system. Then finish by personalising the space with a great vase or fragrant candles or even an artwork.